Sauna Sweat Suit

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This Sauna Sweat Suit is ideal for Weight Loss and by simply wearing this Sauna Suit will help burn more calories and sweat more.

Sauna Sweat Suit

This Sauna Sweat Suit is ideal for weight loss. By simply wearing this Sauna Suit, it will help you burn more calories and sweat more. This sauna suit is designed for you to experience similar benefits to a real sauna.

Remove Toxins

Sweat out bad toxins with this Sauna Suit. By wearing this under your clothes, it will help you sweat when doing exercise and release the bad toxins from your body quicker and more efficiently.

Speed up weight loss

This sauna sweat will also allow you to sweat out any unwanted calories faster.

Sauna Sweat Suit Specifications

  • Sweat Sauna Suit suitable for adults
  • Removes your body toxins and helps weight loss
  • Increase your metabolism and calorie-burning during exercise.
  • Increases your blood circulation and oxygenation cells.
  • Perfect for regular use at gym or home
  • Arm Length: 63CM
  • Torso Width: 64CM
  • Leg Length: 107CM
  • Waist Size: Stretchable from 20 – 47CM
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