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Providers of great items for sale at great prices, based near Cambridge in the UK. This is the place to be for getting your hands on great items at great prices. We have something for every room in the house, from the kitchen to the bathroom, as well as loads of other items to boot! We are always adding new items to our range, so make sure you keep checking back for the latest items for sale.


New Products

The Home of Great Products and Great Deals

We are a UK based retail company with loads of great deals for your home where good customer service comes as standard.
We always make sure that we go the extra mile to ensure that you get 'A Good Deal, Better'.
If you have any questions about our items, don't hesitate to get in touch. Please use our contact form to do so, or call us on 08444142350.

Home Essentials and other Great Deals

We pride ourselves on great items at great value. We have hundreds of retail products for sale at wholesale trade prices, with something for every room in the house.
In our Home Essentials section you'll find bargains for your home. There is a whole heap of of products to get you started. Our Kitchen Timers will help put an end to your meals being a little too well done
and get them cooked to perfection once again. You'll also find school bags for the kids, scales for the bathroom and lots more.

Computer and Television Accessories

Elsewhere on the site we're happy to get techy! In our Mobile Cases section you'll find Neoprene Cases suitable for almost every smartphone out there, as well as a whole bunch of tablets.
In our Computer Category you will find monitor stands and adaptors galore. Our Adjustable Laptop Stands are a must as well, which are great for more than just working comfortably.
Breakfast in bed? We think so! And to make sure you're really comfortable, we have a great selection of TV Mounts for walls and ceilings.
We have mounts and stands that suit Televisions from 10-55 inch screen so you're sure to find the one you need.

Komodo Sport and Gym Items

Our Sports and Gym category houses some really exciting Komodo Sports branded items.
Whether you're looking for a new Yoga Mat, some more attachments for your weight lifting equipment or a slam ball for really pushing yourself, this section has you covered.
We also have a specific category for bicycle goods, with stands, pumps and more for the most avid cycling enthusiast. For people who prefer a set of wheels with an engine to turn them around,
our Car and Motorbike Products have you covered. From Car Warning Triangles to Motorcycle Tents, we've always got something you need.

Other Categories

Our DIY Tools products will make sure you've got everything you need for all those little jobs around the house. Steel wire gloves, allen keys, pliers and loads more can be find here.
Our final category houses toys so you can pick up a treat for the kids whilst you're here. With remote controlled diggers and trucks, sport kits and shopping sets, you're sure to find something you didn't know you needed!