DIY Tools

Our DIY Tools category has everything you need to tackle those household jobs. You never know when you're going to need your toolkit for some unexpected DIY work, and our tools will have you covered. From Allen Keys to Pliers Sets, there are loads of different DIY tools in this section to get you started.

We have safety gloves, drill bits, syphon kits and lots of other DIY tools and accessories for your tool box. We have DIY tools for a range of surfaces as well, including installation kits for laminate flooring and drill bits for glass ware and ceramic tiles.

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DIY Tools from TekBox

In this section you will find our DIY Tools and Kit. We have steel wire gloves for safety work, as well as allen keys and other tools. Our items are ideal for anyone looking for a few extra pieces to top up the tool box for working in the kitchen, bathroom or anywhere else those household jobs appear.

Steel Wire Safety Gloves

This product is effective against a variety of knives, glass and other sharp metal objects with sharp edges. The high polyester with stainless steel material provides a flexibility and comfort making it suitable to use at any job.

Drill Bits for Glass and Ceramics

Professional and precise this set of Drill bits are perfect for both ceramic and glass work, with special heads shaped like arrows they make short work of any task

Magnifying Glasses with Stands for Accurate Work

These magnifying glass clamp stands are great for soldering, electronics and model making kits. They have adjustable hands and a sturdy iron base.

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