Plyometric Jump Box

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Plyometric Jump Boxes with 3 height options: 20 inch, 24 inch and 30 inch. Made from high-density foam with a wipe clean, non-slip cover. Ideal for Crossfit and circuit training, or for jumping exercises for basketball and volleyball players.

Plyometric Jump Box

These Jump Boxes are ideal for serious training and can be used at 3 different heights. Whether you're a volleyball or basketball player looking for something to give you the edge over the competition or just looking for something different to add to your workout, these are the perfect addition to your gym set up.

Workout Ready

These versatile Jump Boxes are ready for action. The shape of the box allows you to use it at 3 specific heights: 20 inch (51cm), 24 inch (61cm) and 30 inch (76cm) (cm dimensions are approximate). This makes it easier to start at a safe and sensible height before moving to more advanced challenges. They are made from a high-density foam with a removable non-slip cover. The foam design reduces the risk of injury when you don't quite make the jump - your shins will thank you!

Versatile Bit of Kit

These fitness boxes are ideal for jump training, helping give basketball, badminton and volleyball players the edge over the competition. They're a great station for Crossfit or circuit training workouts and at the lower height they can provide a formidable challenge as an extra-high exercise stepper.

Jump Box Specifications

  • 3 Heights: 20 inch, 24 inch and 30 inch
  • Made from high-density foam and wipe clean, non-slip cover
  • Weighs 7kg, making it easy to rotate when desired without compromising stability
  • Can be used for jump training, Crossfit exercises and more
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