Pink Neoprene Ankle Weights - 2kg

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2kg Neoprene Ankle weights in pink for improving endurance with tough and intense workouts for. Adjustable straps allow for one size fits all.

Pink Neoprene Ankle Weights - 2kg

Do you want to intensify your workouts and make every step more of a fat burner? Our Komodo ankle/wrist weights do exactly that. It helps improve muscular endurance, strengthens your core and speeds up weight loss & toning.

Ready for Action

The soft neoprene material of these weights is designed to be gentle to skin but is also built to last. Brilliant additions to any work out whilst increasing your stamina.

How Do Ankle Weights Enhance Your Routine?

Any form of exercise becomes more intense when you enhance resistance. Your heart rate, oxygen consumption and calories burned will all increase when you use your weights. Unlike dumbbells, the weights leave your hands free and the added weight will also help you to tone your legs and build your stamina. You will also be able to incorporate greater variety into your sessions and it is always useful to invest in different weights. Begin with lighter weights and increase resistance as your fitness improves.

Pink Ankle Weight - 2kg Specifications

  • Adjustable straps, making these one size fits all
  • 2kg - 26cm x 11cm
  • Iron powder filling
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Velcro fastening
  • Can also be used as wrist weights
  • 1 pair of Neoprene Ankle Weights (1kg each)
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