9 Metre Gym Battle Rope

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The Gym Battle Rope - 9 Metres is perfect for home exercise and intensity drills as well as for strength training and high impact drills. With 9 metres in length you will be able to exercise comfortably and easily.

Gym Battle Rope – 9 Metre

For an intense full body workout look no further than the high quality Komodo Battle Rope! The Battle Rope will provide the workout you need for cardio, coordination, speed and endurance. The 38mm diameter rope provides long lasting performance, so you can focus on the workout. Use the rope to sculpt your muscles, improve your endurance, increase your reaction time, and burn calories.


The Komodo Gym Battle Rope trains your core strength and utilises your hands, arms, shoulders, back and even legs to provide an intense full body work out. Get amazing results with this gym battle rope by maximising your workout and allowing you to experience better sessions making it extremely suitable for strength training and aerobic endurance.


The Gym Battle Rope keeps your core tightening and your muscles work like never before while reducing physical stress on you. Easily maximise your work out for you and make the most out of your fitness routine - start with waves and slams, then add jumps and lunges to boost your fitness goals.

Ready to Go

Our Gym Battle Rope can be set up anywhere and anytime as it is easy to set up and begin your workout. You can comfortably suit the workout to you with higher intensity and shorter time or a longer build up. The coated handle protects your hands and confirms to your grip allowing you to feel confident and comfortable in your training session.

Gym Battle Rope – 9 Metre Specifications

  • Great for cardio exercises and conditioning workout
  • Each end of the rope is sealed with a rubber seal to avoid any fraying
  • Strengthen your abs, arms, shoulders and legs
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Dimensions:
  • Rope Length: 9m
  • Rope Diameter: 3.8cm
  • Weight: 8KG
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