Komodo 2 Inch Olympic Dumbell Bars with Spring Collars

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Our Komodo 2 inch Olympic Dumbbell bars are made from solid steel with chrome finish.

Komodo 2 Inch Olympic Dumbbell Bars with Spring Collars

Our Komodo 2 inch Olympic Dumbbell bars are made from solid steel with chrome finish. These bars are designed to be used with Olympic weights only. The knurled handles provides better grip whilst working out.

Using Your Dumbbells:

Exercising with dumbbells delivers both the mechanical and metabolic overload that is required for muscle growth. Heavy dumbbells will generate mechanical overload. This is where muscles are damaged and the repair process results in growth. Moderate-weight dumbbells combined with high reps produce metabolic overload. This is the fatigue which causes muscle cells to adapt by storing more glycogen hence the growth in muscle size.

Dumbbell exercises can also lead to improved intramuscular coordination. In other words, muscles begin to work together for improved stabilisation of the joints. The compact nature of dumbbells and the ability to move them freely means that they can be utilised to create a variety of different movement patterns. You are able to focus on developing one arm or one leg or each limb in turn.

Dumbbell Bars with Spring Collars Specifications

  • Includes 2x Dumbell Bars and 4x Spring Collars
  • Material: Chrome plated steel
  • Knurled handle provides grip when working out
  • Revolving bar ends
  • Full Bar dimensions: 49.5cm Long x 4.8cm Diameter
  • Free Weight hole dimension required: 2" (5cm)
  • Each Dumbbell Bar weighs 3.6kg
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