Grab Bar with Suction Cups - Single

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Grab Bar with suctions cups, making them easy to relocate. No tools required to use, with the suctions cups leaving no damage to the wall so they can be used in different spaces or taken with you on holiday. Perfect for baths, showers and bathrooms.

Grab Bar with Suction Cups

These strong Grab Bars are supplied individually (also available as a pair, see below) and utilise suction cups to allow you to use them in different locations. They're easy to use with no tools required so you can get set up nice and quickly.

Quick and Easy to Use

The Grab Bars do not need a drill or any other tools to get set up. Simply use the locking levers at either end of the bar to release or secure it in place. This allows you to use them in different positions for different people, moved between the bath and the shower, or even taken on holiday with you to use in your hotel. Using suctions cups rather than conventional fittings means there will be no damage to the wall, so you can use them in other locations with confidence.

Safe Use

Before fitting your grab bar, always ensure that you are using a flat, smooth surface such as bathroom tiles. Each suction cup needs 4 inches of wall space which cannot include any holes, grouting or other uneven surfacing. Please also ensure that the area is clean and completely dry before attaching the bar.

Grab Bar Specifications

  • Can support up to 110kg (250 pounds) in weight
  • Always use on a clean, dry and flat surface
  • No tools required
  • Suction cups make it easy to relocate and leave no damage to the wall
  • Sold individually, but also available as a pair (see below)
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