Gardening Tool Set with Bag

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11 Piece Gardening Tool Set including grass shears, pruning shears, trowel, transplanter, hand fork, weeder, cultivator, knee pad, gloves, bag and spray bottle as well as a large, cotton tote bag.

11 Piece Gardening Tool Set

Are you giving gardening a go for the first time? Or maybe you're a seasoned horticulturalist? Either way, these sets have everything you need to get growing!

High Quality Tools

The Gardening Set comes with an impressive range of hand tools, all made from a high-quality, polished aluminium. There is a trowel for standard digging work, a transplant trowel for moving seedlings and small plants, a weeder for removing stubborn weeds or loosening soil, a cultivator for breaking up soil and a hand fork for other ground work. A pair of shears and some secateurs are also included for pruning duties, both with hardened blades with an anti-rust coating.

Other Accessories

The set also comes with a foam knee pad to cushion your joints whilst working and a pair of hard wearing gardening gloves. The gloves have a stretch fit to make them one size fits all and are rubberised on the whole palm-side of the hand. There is also a 500ml spray bottle for lightly watering houseplants, combatting aphids and other pests, or even just for a spraying yourself with some water during the warmer Summer days!

Bag also Included

A lot of kit right? Sounds like you might need a bag for that much stuff, right? Well good news! The set all comes in a large tote bag so you can hit the ground running! The bag is made from cotton and has 8 external pockets as well as a large internal pocket so you can get to work immediately.

Full Set Includes

  • Gardening Bag with multiple pockets
  • Grass Shears
  • Pruning Shears
  • Trowel
  • Weeder
  • Transplanter
  • Hand Fork
  • Cultivator
  • Knee Pad
  • Gardening Gloves
  • Spray Bottle
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