Front and Back Bicycle Mudguards

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Long front and back Bicycle Mudguards for road, hybrid and mountain bikes with 700c tyres, 28-38mm. Protection when cycling against mud and road surface water, to be attached to your frame's eyelet points.

Bicycle Full Mud Guards Set

These full length Mudguards are ideal for anyone looking to withstand tough conditions on their bike. With full length protection and all fittings included, the mudguards are ready when you are!

Protection in Wet and Muddy Conditions

Whether you're just looking to keep dry on the way to work, or don't want to let the bad weather stop you getting out on your bike, our mudguards have got you covered. These guards offer a full half circle length of coverage for your back wheels, as well as plenty of front wheel coverage too, to prevent you getting a face and back-ful of mud and water!

Secure Fitting

Fittings are included and an instructions diagram can be found amongst the images on this listing to help you get set up quickly. They are full length guards for 700c tyres (28-38mm), giving you plenty of cover against mud and road surface water. They are also lightweight, with a combined weight of approximately 520g, keeping the weight addition to your bike to a minimum.

Full Length Mudguard Set Specifications

  • Suitable for 700c tyres (28-38mm)
  • Combined weight of approximately 520g
  • Long mudguards for ultimate protection against mud and water
  • Suitable for road, hybrid and mountain bikes (please check tyre size before committing to purchase)
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