Komodo Tri Folding Yoga Mat - Purple

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Made from 5cm thick EPE Poly Foam layer, this tri fold mat offers great shock absorb support for any exercise whether it's stretching before a run or going through your ab workout.

Komodo Tri Folding Yoga and Pilates Mat - Purple

A fabulous addition to any fitness enthusiasts' gear, the Komodo Tri Fold Folding Mat is highly versatile. Suitable for performing a variety of athletic activities including stretches, yoga and pilates, the mat absorbs light impacts to reduce the stress on your body and quite simply makes exercising more comfortable. The mat sounds incredibly useful, doesn't it?

You might not think that you need an exercise mat but it is one of those accessories that always comes in handy. Dampening noise and vibrations it ensures that your routines do not impact anyone else in your home. The mat protects your floors from damage and sweat as you exercise and folds away quickly for storage when you are not using it. Better still, built-in handles make carrying the mat easy and you can take it everywhere with you just in case you can grab a few minutes to work out!

The tri fold mat is available in eight different colours and so you are sure to be able to match up your mat to your gym kit or to find a mat which suits your personal taste. Will you go bright and breezy or is an understated look more in keeping with your style? The right Komodo tri fold mat is ready and waiting for you!

Versatile Mat

Suitable for stretches, yoga, pilates and more! You are guaranteed to make good use of your mat.

Absorbs Impacts

The mat absorbs impacts as you work out to reduce the stress on your body and to ensure that you remain as comfortable as possible.


    • Ideal for variety of workout exercises, muscle stretch, yoga, pilates and many more!
    • 5cm Thick high density sponge provides great protection & comfort
    • Folding design with built in handles
    • Product unfolded dimensions: 180 x 60 x 5CM
    • Product folded dimensions: 60 x 60 x 15CM
    • Material: PVC Leather
    • Zip colour may vary between black and white

Please note -

This mat is not suitable for any gymnastics or acrobatic exercises and should not be used as a landing or crash mat.

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