Boltless Garage Shelving Rack - Pack of 2

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Pack of 2 large Shelving Units made from steel and MDF, ideal for garages, spare rooms and elsewhere in the home. Also perfect for DIY tools, home office stationary, craft items and other equipment. They have a boltless assembly using click locks.

Garage Shelving Unit - Pack of 2

These heavy duty Shelving Units are ideal for garages, spare rooms, offices and anywhere else you're running out of space to put things. With 5 shelves and 2 layouts to choose from you are sure to get the set up you need.

Boltless Shelving

These impressive Shelving Units do not require screws or bolts, but are assembled instead using a click lock frame. The frame has locking slots along the full height, so you can set the shelves at whatever heights you need to (for safe and stable use, please ensure that heavier items are stored on the bottom shelves).

Strong Construction

These Shelving Racks are made from steel and support 5 MDF shelves, each with a load capacity of 175kg. One unit in its standard 5 tier configuration measures 150cm in height, with each shelf measuring 90cm x 30cm. Each unit can also be set up in an alternative configuration; as 2 separate racks, each measuring 75 in height.

Versatile Shelving

These units can be used throughout the home. They're perfect for setting up in the garage to restore order to the hoards of stuff. It can also be used in home offices for stationary or stock. It can also be used for craft items, for tinned goods in a pantry, books and CDs in a spare room or anywhere else you need.

Shelving Unit Specifications

  • Pack of 2 Units
  • Boltless, click lock assembly means no fittings are required
  • Steel frame and MDF shelves
  • Can be configured as 2x 5-tier units or 4x smaller units
  • Each Full unit measures 150cm x 70cm x 30cm
  • Each shelf has max load capacity of 175kg
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