Bike Grip Set - 125mm - Blue

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125mm long Bike Grip Set in Blue for handlebars of road, mountain, bmx and other bikes as well as scooters and similar items. Made from a tough rubber for a secure grip and cushioned for comfortable use.

125mm Bike Handlebar Grips in Blue

These comfortable and hard wearing Bike Grips are perfect for replacing the old and worn ones on your bicycle to help restore your hand-grip when cycling.

Strong Handlebar Grips

These grips are perfect for replacing the old ones on your current bike, or for upgrading the grips on a new one. Made from a thick and hard wearing rubber, they reduce shock and provide a reliable grip when cycling. They can be used with a massive range of bicycle types, including road, mountain, downhill, BMX and folding bikes. They can also be used for kid's scooters and similar items.

Easy to Set Up

After removing your old grips from your handlebars, we recommend using some soapy water to lubricate the bar before fitting your new ones. Then all you need to do is slide the grips onto the handle and push them into place.

Bike Grip Set Specifications

  • 125mm in length with 22.2mm diameter
  • Made from a skid-proof TPE rubber for a secure grip
  • Thick rubber to reduce shock and discomfort
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