Preacher Bicep Curl Bench

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High quality preacher bicep curl bench for arm workouts with height adjustable barbell rests rack, made from green and black steel with cushioned arm supports.

Bicep Preacher Curl Bench

These impressive Curl Benches are made to last, and are an ideal addition to any home gym set up. Get the most out of your bicep curls with a heavy duty bit of kit you can trust.

Using the Bicep Curl Bench

These benches are great training aids for your arm and bicep exercises. The cushioned pad gives you support when performing bicep curls and similar exercises, and the barbell rests offer the ability to set down your weights bar between sets. Both the seat and rests are height adjustable, so you can make sure you are training in a safe, natural and comfortable position.

Heavy Duty

These Curl Benches are made from steel, to give you a support bench you can trust. Strong fittings are included to ensure it remains stable when in use, which is further cemented with the addition of non-slip rubber feet (also included). The max weight capacity for the barbell rack is 150kg, and the frame is suitable up to a max user weight of 120kg.


These benches help you to make the most of your bicep curls, maximising your gains. The bench is suitable for a whole host of different exercises, including one or two armed preacher curls and other barbell actions. The barbell rack also gives you the ability to easily put down your weights bar between curling sets, allowing you to manage your workout effectively to make the most out of your gym sessions.

Curling Bench Specifications

  • Steel construction with padded cushion supports
  • Non-slip rubber feet and fittings included
  • Max user weight 120kg
  • Max barbell rack weight 150kg
  • Barbell rests height adjustable from 44cm to 54cm
  • Cushion support height adjustable from 64cm to 86cm
  • Seat height 40cm
  • Floor space dimensions 73cm x 60cm
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