Battle Rope Anchor

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Wall or Floor Anchor for Battle Ropes, Resistance Bands and other home gym workout equipment from Komodo Sports.

Wall or Floor Anchor for Battle Ropes

These weighted Anchors are made from a heavy duty steel, and are designed to help you get the most out of your battle rope, resistance band or similar fitness equipment. They can be fixed to a wall or floor (bolts included), so all you need to do is loop your battle rope through it and you're ready to go.

Improve your Workout

The anchor can help maximise your workout when used in conjunction with battle ropes and similar exercise kit. Routines using these anchors are great for focusing on not only your core strength, but also contributes impressively to a cardio based workout.

Easy to Fit

Simply fix the anchor into place and you're ready to go. Once set up, simply attach your preferred bit of kit and get right to work! It can be attached to the floor or a suitable wall making it incredible versatile and adaptable.

Wall Anchor Specifications

  • Permanent fixing point for ropes, bands and other workout equipment
  • Heavy Duty Solid Steel
  • 4x Screws and Plugs Included
  • Loop measures 12cm (internal height) x 11cm (internal width) making it suitable for thick battle ropes
  • Base length is 30cm
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