Battle Rope Anchor Strap

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Portable Anchor Straps with Carabiner for Battle Ropes and other home gym workout equipment from Komodo Sports.

Anchor Straps for Battle Ropes

These Anchors Straps are made from a tough, stitched nylon, and are designed to help you get the most out of your battle rope, resistance band or similar fitness equipment. They can be quickly and easily tied to a pole, bar or similar anchor point, and then all you need to do is to loop your battle rope through and you're ready to go.

Portable Anchor

These Anchor Straps are ideal to keep with your kit so you can set up your battle rope whenever and wherever you are. You can use it to turn fence posts, railings, or even trees into your rope anchor!

Improve your Workout

The Anchor Strap can help utilise your battle rope to maximise your workout. Routines using these straps with a battle rope are great for focusing on not only your core strength, but also contribute impressively to a cardio based workout.

Easy to Fit

Simply strap one end to your anchor point, and strap the other to the centre of your battle rope, and you're ready to go..The straps also come with a carabiner to connect the two for a longer strap or for connecting to a hook or loop anchor. The straps also reduce the wear and tear of your battle rope by taking on some of the strain as well, so you can preserve the lifespan of the rope.

Anchor Straps Specifications

  • Portable anchor point for battle ropes
  • Made from a reinforced nylon for long life
  • Kit includes 2 straps and 1 carabiner
  • Straps measure 41cm in length and are 4cm wide.
  • Ideal for use with fence posts, railings, trees and other vertical or horizontal anchor points.
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