Barbell Shoulders Pad - Black

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Barbell Weightlifting Shoulders Pad in Black for Standard and Olympic Bars with wipe clean surface and hook or loop closure.

Barbell Weightlifting Shoulders Pad in Black for Standard and Olympic Bars

These Weightlifting Pads can help you to increase the weight of your lifts without increasing the strain on your shoulders, back and neck. This allows you to make extra gains in your squat and lifting routines without compromise. They are easy to use and fit any bars with a 25mm - 30mm diameter making them a versatile and dependable addition to your workout routine.

Maximise Your Workout

Adding extra weight to your squat or lifting workouts can add significant stress to your back, neck and shoulders. With these padded bar covers however you don't have to shy away from the intensified workout. By cushioning the bar against you it reduces the strain on key pressure points, and will reduce both immediate discomfort as well post-workout soreness.

Comfortable Foam Padding

With a wipe-clean PU cover, these pads are easy to wash afterwards to main hygiene. The thick internal padding does an impressive job of cushioning even some of your more ambitious of lifting routines, helping you to get the most out of your workout. They also have a long hook and loop strip for closing around the bar to prevent the padding slipping during your lifts.

Olympic or Standard Bars

These pads are suitable for both standard and olympic bars. They are suitable for bars with a 25mm - 30mm diameter and are easy to slip on and off. They measure 42cm in length and 8cm in diameter themselves.

Weightlifting Shoulders Pad Specifications

  • Wipe Clean PU Surface
  • Thick Padding to reduce neck, shoulder and back pain during and after exercise.
  • Hook and loop closure along full length of padding
  • Can be used with standard and olympic bars
  • Measure 42cm in length
  • Suitable for bars with 25-30mm diameter
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