Aerobic Weighted Exercise Bar - 10kg

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10kg Aerobic Weighted Body Bars for maximising squats, lunges and other exercises. Available in a range of weights, colour coded for quick recognition, with the weight evenly distributed along the rubberised foam bar for a comfortable and secure grip.

Aerobic Weighted Bar

These Aerobic Weighted Body Bars are the perfect addition to your workout routine, allowing you to maximise core and strength gains by switching up your squats, lunges and other exercises.

Full Body Workout

The weighted bars have an evenly distributed weight to allow squats, lunges and other exercises targeting strength and core stability. This allows you to take on a full body fitness workout and really maximise those gains. They are available in a range of different weights, from 2kg to 10kg, allowing you to pick the right weight for your exercises. They're also available as a full set of 5, giving you ultimate flexibility when setting your workout routine.

Colour Coded Bars

The bars themselves are covered in a rubberised foam for a comfortable and secure grip. Each weighted bar is colour coded so you don't waste time when switching it up to a heavier weight. They all measure 123cm in length, and range from 3cm to 4.2cm in diameter depending on the weight option.

10kg Fitness Body Bar Details

  • Available in either 2kg, 4kg, 6kg, 8kg or 10kg weights
  • Also available as a full set
  • Measures 123cm in length with a diameter of 4.2cm
  • Weight evenly distributed across the bar
  • Made with rubberised foam for secure and comfortable grip
  • Colour coded by weight
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