Acupressure Mat, Pillow and Ball Set - Blue

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The Acupressure Mat, Pillow and Ball Set in Blue which is ideal for alleviating pain, stress and aiding in improving blood circulation. Individual pressure spikes trigger Endorphins for relief from a long day or tough workout.

Acupressure Set in Blue

The Acupressure Mat Set is ideal for pain relief and aiding in improving blood circulation. With its easy to use and portable design you can comfortably use the mat in minutes after a workout, before bed or whenever or wherever needed. The Acupressure set includes a mat, pillow and massage ball for maximum destress and relaxation. The handy travel bag also allows for easy transportation and storage.


The 303 plastic discs, each with 27 individual pins, help stimulate the pressure points of the skin and encourage the body to release endorphins. Endorphins are the body's natural stress and pain relief so even as little as 15 minutes on the acupressure mat promotes muscle relaxation, stress relief and pain relief after a long day or tough work out. The acupressure mat set is also ideal for easing tension in the body to allow for a better nights sleep and alleviate headaches.

The Komodo Acupressure Set is not limited to individual work outs but is also suitable for everyday, workout classes, sleep aids, meditation and runners. The pressure points unblock your body's energy, allowing muscles to relax from top to toe with non-invasive pressure stimulation.

How To Use

Komodo's Acupressure Mat and Pillow work by applying pressure to various points on the body. Simply set the mat down (with or without the pillow) on the floor, bed or sofa and slowly lower yourself onto it. We recommend using skin contact on the mat but beginners will benefit from wearing a light t-shirt until your body gets used to the spikes. Lie on the mat between 15-40 minutes, several times a week, for maximum benefit. If using the pillow, position this in the neck crevice behind your head and allow your shoulder blades to drop back to the mat. The pillow and mat combination works best for sleep and back pain.

The accompanying spike ball can be rolled along the body and muscles with minimal force to massage aches and pains.

Acupressure Mat Specifications

  • Set Includes Mat, Pillow and Spike Ball (6.5m diameter)
  • Each disc has 27 pressure pins
  • Pillow has 73 discs and the mat has 230 discs, creating a total of over 8000 pressure points
  • Mat measures 67cm x 40cm and pillow measures 36cm x 13cm x 10cm
  • Bag for easy transportation
  • Removeable covers for easy washing
  • Please take care when using the Acupressure Set If pregnant, have thin skin, diabetes or poor circulation
  • Not suitable for children
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