Laminate Flooring Installation Kit

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Ideal for both professions and domestic use; easily install your new flooring with this flooring kit. Perfect for laminate or wood flooring!

7-15mm Wood Flooring Laminate Installation Kit

Install your new flooring yourself with this Flooring kit, perfect for laminate or wood flooring. Suitable for professional or domestic use; it’s the perfect kit for the job! This laminate flooring kit can be used to strengthen the floor and help with floor installation. With this kit, installing new flooring has never been easier.

7-15mm Wood Flooring Laminate Installation Kit Specifications

  • Included in kit: soft/hard headed mallet, pull bar, tapping block and 20x Spacers
  • Mallet length: 26Cm
  • Tapping block Dimensions: 16Cm x 9Cm x 6.5Cm x 2Cm
  • Pull Bar Length: 27Cm
  • Spacer Length: 6Cm
  • Materials: Metal, hard plastic, rubber
  • Colour: Black and silver
  • Suitable for 7-15mm Flooring
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