5 Digit Cable Bicycle Lock - 1.2m

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1.2 metre 5 Digit Bicycle Lock with a steel cable suitable for bikes, lawnmowers, garden equipment, sheds, tool boxes, gates and more. It has a re-settable combination lock with mount for fitting to bicycle.

5 Digit Bike Lock

Protect your bike with these tough cable locks! With a re-settable 5 digit combination code lock you can easily and securely fix your bike to anything without worry. These are ideal for more than just bikes, and at 1.2 metres in length you have plenty of cable to play with.

Heavy Duty Steel Cable Lock

These strong cable locks are perfect for keeping your bicycle secure when out and about. With a mount included, you can easily attach the cable lock to your bike's frame whilst on the move. The 5 digit code is simple to set by selecting a memorable combination. They are also made from a thick steel cable, which can withstand cutting tools for reliable security. An additional PVC plastic cover for the cable further protects against damage.

Secure Lock for Peace of Mind

The locks can also be used for securing a variety of other items. Lawnmowers, hedge trimmers and other expensive garden tools can be locked safe using the cable lock. Gates and sheds can also be secured using the lock as well as tool boxes or other storage cases.

5 Digit Cable Lock Specifications

  • 1.2 metres in length
  • 5 digit lock, which can be set to a code of your choice
  • Steel cable with PVC coating
  • Also ideal for lawnmowers, tool boxes, sheds, gates and other belongings
  • Includes mount for attaching to bike
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