300mm 360° Degrees Rotating Platform

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The 360 Degree rotating platform base can be universally used; such as for cake decorating, other craft activities and electrical equipment.

30cm 360° Degrees Rotating Platform

The 360 Degree Rotating Platform is a wonderfully universal platform base that can be used for cake decorating and other craft activities. It can also be used as a stand for electrical equipment, such as TVs, PC Monitors, Speakers, Laptops and Hifi Systems.


Our turn table can be used for anything you see fit and is a great companion to help you do any task. Use it as a rotating cake stand to allow you to comfortably decorate or display your cakes. It is also perfect for other craft activities; simply place your craft on it and then you will be able to rotate it round for the perfect view or angle. No longer will you have to worry about messing up your craft or having to alter your own view.


The Rotating Platform is made of a sturdy material that is built to last. It is long lasting and easy to clean. Simply wipe down the platform after use and you are ready to go again.

30cm 360° Degrees Rotating Platform Specifications

  • Universal
  • Can be used for positioning hi-fi speakers and computer monitors
  • 360 degree rotating surface
  • Approx 30cm diameter
  • Perfect for cakes, crafts and electric equipment
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