Toilet Step Stool

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Toilet stool for a natural position when using the toilet, providing plenty of health benefits. It has a contoured design for fittings around the base of your loo, and it is also suitable as a child's toilet step.

Toilet Step Stool

The TekBox Toilet Stool helps you to maintain a natural squatting position when on the loo. This provides plenty of health benefits and better comfort in your day to day life. The step has a curved design for contouring around the base of your toilet.

Health Benefits

These toilet stools help you to use the loo in a more natural and healthy position. This can aid against constipation, piles, haemorrhoids and other bladder issues. They may feel a little strange to begin with, but once you've used it a few times you will wonder how you ever lived without it!

Suitable Step for Children

These stools are also perfect for children making the transition from potty to toilet. They act as an ideal stool for bridging the gap between the floor and the seat, so they can access and use the toilet with confidence.

Toilet Stool Specifications

  • Contoured design for neatly fitting around the base of your toilet
  • Supports a natural squatted position
  • Also suitable for use as a child's step when using toilet
  • Step measures 44cm x 21cm x 18cm
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