NC20i Bank Note Money Counter

NC20i Bank Note Money Counter

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NC20i Bank Note Counter and Checker

These electronic bank note cash counters are ideal for getting quick totals without having to count out all the bank notes manually. With a built in counterfeit detection, you can use the counter safe in the knowledge that fake notes wont go unnoticed. The counter also includes a seperate external display which can be used.

Cash Counting

The NC20i counts your bank notes quickly and accurately. It works with both the old style notes as well as the new polymer ones, giving you the freedom to count throughout the current period where both types are still in use, and well as in the long run with the new £50 on their way too. The machine counts notes at 1000 notes per minute, meaning you can get your totals quickly and easily. The counter works with all international currencies also, including Euros and Dollars. You can also use it to count other similar items, such as event tickets, which makes the machine ideal for use before, during, and after the big event. You can also use the batch function to count your notes into specific quantity sets, making your cashing in and cash management that bit easier. All this can be done using the clear display on the front of the unit.

Counterfeit Detection

A key aspect of this machine is the counterfeit detection function. As the machine is counting through your bank notes at 1000 notes per minute, it will stop and sound an alert when it comes across a fake bank note. This allows you to count with confidence, knowing that the machine will be able to catch out any issues without you having to manually check each one.

Cash Counter Specifications

  • Works with new £5, £10 and £20 polymer bank notes (also works with the old bank notes too)
  • Single denomination counting (counts the total quantity of banknotes) at 1000 notes a minute
  • Counterfeit Detection for cash verification
  • Batch counting functions allows you to count banknotes into set amounts for easy cash management
  • Can count Euros, Dollars and other international currencies
  • Can also count similar shaped items, such as tickets or vouchers (size dependant)
  • Additional external display also included

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