Hand Grip Exerciser Set

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Hand Grip Exerciser set for improving forearm and hand strength, including grip exerciser, finger exerciser, finger stretcher and massage ring.

4 Piece Hand Grip Exerciser Set

This impressive hand grip exerciser set is ideal for improving your hand and forearm strength. It is ideal for home or gym use, and can even just be kept in your gym bag so you can keep on improving your strength at any opportunity. The set has 4 components, with each offering different workout options to improve you dexterity and grip strength in many different ways.

4 Piece Set

The Hand Grip Set features 4 components: a Hand Grip Exerciser, a Finger Exerciser, and Finger Stretcher and a Massage Ring. The traditional hand grip exerciser is a simple to use resistance system which allows users to go from 5kg-60kg resistance. The Finger Exerciser uses a series of spring loaded finger rests, which allow you to improve the strength of each finger. The Finger Stretcher is made from a heavy wearing silicon. You simply put your fingers through each of the 5 holes, which then offers elasticated resistance when you try to open up your hand. Finally, the Grip Ring can be used to massage your hand after your workout to relieve tension and protect against muscle injury.

Versatile and Suitable for Everyone

This set is not just for gym fanatics. Rock climbers will enjoy the benefits of this set time and time again, to help improve your grip when taking on tough walls and obstacles. Musicians will find the kit ideal for improving their dexterity, helping pianists and guitarists to pull off some of the more challenging of chords. Golfers and cricketers will find themselves gripping their club or bat that bit more comfortably, and the kit also provides great rehabilitation support in re-building hand and forearm strength after injury.

In the Box

  • 1x Hand Grip Exerciser
  • 1x Finger Exerciser
  • 1x Finger Stretcher
  • 1x Massage Ring
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