Laundry Bag - Grey

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Lightweight laundry bags in grey with 62 Litres of capacity. They are made from tough cotton, with a PE water resistant lining to make sure you don't drip water throughout the house when moving laundry from the machine to radiators.

Laundry Bag

These lightweight Laundry Bags are perfect for your dirty or clean washing (emphasis on 'or', not 'and'!) and are ready for all the clothes your family can throw at them.

Laundry Essential

These tough bags are ideal for the whole laundry process. Their large capacity, approximately a whopping 62 litres, allows for loads of clothes. They have a simple yet complimentary design which sits well within most contemporary styles, and certainly looks better than a big heap of clothes creating the infamous 'floordrobe'. The drawstring top makes sure no rogue socks escape on your way to the washing machine, and a pair of handles make it easier to transport. The bag is made from a strong cotton which has a PE lining on the inside to ensure you don't drip water through the house when moving laundry from the machine to radiators, tumble dryer or washing line.

Other Uses

The versatile bag can also be used in a myriad of other ways. The duffel style of the bag makes it great for simple storage. If you're looking for somewhere to keep spare towels or bedding, or maybe for all the toys that usually end up creating an obstacle course around the house, these bags have got you covered!

Laundry Bag Specifications

  • Bag measures 50cm x 40cm x 40cm
  • Bag volume is a massive 62 litres
  • Made from cotton with a water resistant PE lining
  • Do not put the bag itself in the washing machine, as this will destroy the water resistant layer. Always wipe clean only.
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