Fishing Magnet with Rope - 150Kg

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Fishing Magnet with 150Kg lifting strength for treasure hunting and metal detecting in rivers, lakes and other bodies of water. Strong neodymium magnet with 20m long, 6mm thick rope and strong karabiner.

Fishing Magnet - 150Kg

Magnet Fishing is the exciting hobby which sees classic metal detecting principles taken to rivers, lakes and other bodies of water. With our high quality Neodymium magnets you can get going quickly whether you're new to the hobby or a seasoned treasure hunter.

Fishing Magnet Strength

One of the most important factors to consider when magnet fishing is the strength of your magnet. Using a strong magnet is vital for securing your find successfully. These fishing magnets are capable of lifting items up to 150kg in weight from the murky depths. Strong rope is always recommended for pairing with your magnet, with this magnet set including a 6mm thick braided rope for reliable use. The rope is 20m long and comes with a strong karabiner as well.

Strong Construction

These magnets are made from a Neodymium and Iron compound for impressive strength. The heavy duty loop hook is made from stainless steel and is fitted for attaching a braided rope (sold separately below). The magnet itself weighs only 376g, which is made all the more impressive considering the 150kg lifting capabilities of the magnet.

Fishing Magnet - 150Kg Specifications

  • Neodymium magnet with 150kg lifting strength
  • Magnet weighs 376g and has a diameter of 6.7cm
  • Stainless steel hook and nickel plated body
  • 20 long, 6mm thick braided rope with karabiner included
  • Please take care whilst magnet fishing with our products, ensuring that you remain clear from structural metalwork and treat all finds with caution.
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