Bicycle Front Downtube Mudguard

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Downtube Bicycle Mudguard for front wheels of road, hybrid and mountain bikes, measuring 30cm x 12.5cm. Down tube Clip on loop attachments, adjustable to allow for use with a wide range of bicycles.

Down Tube Front Bicycle Mud Guard

These Mudguards are ideal for anyone looking to withstand tough conditions on their bike. With an easy clip on design, the mudguards are ready when you are!

Protection in Wet and Muddy Conditions

Whether you're just looking to keep dry on the way to work, or you're looking at taking on some more rugged trails, our mudguards have got you covered. These guards can be clipped onto your down tube, allowing for decent mud clearance, and prevent you getting a faceful of mud and water!

Easy to Install

The Mudguards are also really easy to put onto your bike, with a simple loop tag on the top of the guard which loops around your bike frame's downtube. The loop has a series of holes for fastening, allowing the mudguard to fit a large range of down tube sizes. They measure 30cm x 12.5cm, giving you plenty of cover against mud and road surface water. They are also lightweight, weighing less than 150g, limiting the weight addition to your bike to a minimum.

Front Mudguard Specifications

  • 30cm (1 foot) in length
  • 12.5 (5 inches) in width
  • Weighs less than 150g
  • Adjustable loop clips for attaching to bike frame's downtube
  • Suitable for road, hybrid and mountain bikes
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