Dog Training Bells

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Dog Training Bells are the ideal solution to your pups potty training needs. They can be easily attached to the door's handle allowing your dog to communicate comfortably with you.

Dog Training Bells

The Dog Training Bells are the ideal solution to your pups potty training needs. The single set of three bells sits on a durable strap which can be easily placed on your door's handle at 2 different heights, making it suitable for all different dog sizes and breeds. The Dog Training Bells allow you to train your dog so that they easily alert you when nature calls without excessive barking, scratching or the occasional accident.


No more scratching at the door or excessive barking when your dog wants to go outside! The Dog Training Bells allow your dog to easily alert you when the need to go outside. Your dog can be trained to knock the bells in a specific way when nature calls letting you know exactly what they want. No more guess work! The Dog Training Bells are the perfect solution to reducing mess, increasing yours and your dogs comfort.

Simple Communication

The Dog Training Bells are a doddle to use. Simply clip these on to a door handle and you are ready to go. Your dog can then be trained to use the bells to communicate to you. These bells are not only limited to potty training but you can train your dog to knock different bells or in different ways to signal different things; whether it’s time for food or they need to go outside, with simple repetition training your dog can communicate its needs to you easily.

Dog Training Bell Specifications

  • Ideal for Potty Training your dog
  • Height Adjustable
  • Easy to use
  • Dimensions: 78cm to 82cm, 3.5cm x 2.5cm
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