Multi-Use Platform and Sack Trolley

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Multi-Use 2 in 1 Adjustable warehouse trolley and sack truck for gardening and office use, with steel ring for garbage bin bags for leaves, garden refuse and rubbish collection.

2 in 1 Multi-Use Trolley

These versatile trolleys are an ideal addition to any warehouse unit or office premises, seamlessly transitioning between platform trolley and sack truck with ease. Switch between the two styles in seconds to adapt to each load, without having to swap trolleys between each run!

Multiple Uses from Trolley

These Trolleys are the ideal solution for transporting items around your warehouse, office or garden quickly and easily. With the grill-style platform horizontal and the handle vertical you can get to work with a reliable and effective platform trolley. In this configuration the platform measures 50cm x 30cm, allowing plenty of space for multiple boxes or items. Alternatively, the handle can be folded in alignment with the platform, and the whole unit tilted vertical, transforming it into a sack truck. In this mode you can switch the handle between 3 different heights from 75cm to 105cm, and the footplate at the bottom measures 30cm x 15cm. In addition to this, both configurations feature a removable steel ring for attaching a large bin or recycling bag for collecting warehouse rubbish or leaves and gardening refuse. 

Other Benefits

These portable Trolleys are built to last. They have a metal frame for reliable performance, with tough, all-terrain, rubber wheels to render fears of puncture obsolete. With a max weight capacity of 70kg you can work with confidence, allowing you to move multiple items at once.

Platform Trolley Specifications

  • Max Weight Capacity: 70kg
  • Product Weight: 6.8kg
  • Steel ring for adding a garbage bag for leaves and garden refuse collection
  • Full Size in Platform Set-up: 58cm (l)x 40cm (w) x 70cm (h)
  • Platform Size: 50cm x 30cm
  • Min Height as Sack Truck: 75cm
  • Max Height as Sack Truck: 105cm
  • Footplate Size: 30cm x 15cm
  • Front Wheel Diameter: 15cm
  • Small Wheel Diameter: 7cm
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