Dipping Belt

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Dipping Belts for adding weights to dipping exercises or chin up and pull ups to get better results, one size fits all.

Dipping Belt

The Komodo Dipping Belt is made for comfort and performance during serious weight lifting sessions. They are made to a very high quality to provide dependable support for your workout. By adding one of these dipping belts to your exercise kit you can start adding extra weight to increase your workout intensity. They're great for anyone who incorporates dips, chin ups or similar exercises into their workout routine.

Add Weight to Increase Workout Intensity

Are you trying to increase your dipping intensity by holding some dumbbells between your legs? These dipping belts allow you to add weight easily without compromise. By adding additional weight to the belt you can increase the intensity of your dips and pull ups. One way in which this can be done is by threading the chain through the desired weight discs. Alternatively they can be clipped to the D loops on either side of the belt.


By increasing the resistance on your dips and chin ups you can increase the results of your workout. These exercises are great for your core, as well as strengthening pectoral, trice and bicep muscles.

Ready When you Are!

These are made from a strong and padded material, with a heavy duty chain for attaching weights. They are one size fits all, and can be adjusted to get the best fit.

Dipping Belt Specifications

  • Ideal for adding additional weight to your body for dipping exercises or chin ups.
  • One size fits all
  • Colour: Black
  • Dimensions: 97cm x 16cm; Chain: 67cm x 2cm
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