Silver Mini Bike Pump

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Bike Mini-Pumps in Silver with a bracket included for mounting onto your bike. They are perfect for cyclists looking for a small bicycle pump to take with them in case of emergencies, and also include a rubber extension hose for tyre inflation.

Bike Mini-Pump - Silver

These Mini Bicycle Pumps are quick and easy to use and perfect for cyclists looking for a lightweight and portable bike pump for keeping with you in case of the dreaded puncture!

Reliable Inflation

These Bike Pumps are portable and ready to go, which is perfect when you're itching to get out on your bike! They come with an extender hose inside the handle, which can be connected to the pump head for tyre inflation quickly and easily.


These bike pumps come with a mounting bracket so you can attach the pump to your bike frame, freeing you from having to bring along a bag on your ride. Their lightweight manufacture makes them perfect for keeping with you on your ride in case of emergency.

Bicycle Mini-Pump Specifications

  • Extender hose included for tyre inflation
  • Weighs only 105g
  • Mounting bracket included
  • Lightweight design makes it ideal for keeping with you for emergency use
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